Born into a family of beekeepers set up in the West of France, a region renowned for the richness of its land and flora, Yves Peltier learnt about apiculture from his grand-parents when he was a child and naturally became fascinated with the world of bees.

The more he learnt, the more the young beekeeper honed his skills, whilst focusing primarily on respecting the work of the pollen-gathering been.

He was soon spotted by professionals within the field for his knowledge, and his beekeeping and collection techniques. The young prodigy was contacted at the age of 23 by the school of apiculture in Laval, one of the most prominent training schools in France, asking whether he would agree to pass down his know-how and train the apiarists of tomorrow. Having successfully completed this task, the young teacher quickly fell back into his passion for bees and felt the need to return to work in his family’s beehives.

After five years of arduous work and a number of prizes won for the quality of their collections, the family’s swarm of bees was doubled, reaching over one thousand hives, meaning that at the time they represented one of the largest honey productions in France.

As the volume of honey collected increased so much, Yves Peltier decided to distribute his products locally, and he and his father bought a preparation and packaging site in Ballot (Mayenne).

As a result of their great success, the Peltier family’s honey was sold regionally on markets and in small grocery shops that were looking to sell high-quality products.

In the early 90s, Yves Peltier took over the entire family business after his father’s retirement, and founded the MANOIR DES ABEILLES company.

Having noticed the company’s success and high-quality products, large retailers across France asked to sell MANOIR DES ABEILLES products.

With a view to making the business a success, and drawing on his relations within the beekeeping world, Yves Peltier decided to entrust his hives to his peers in order to devote himself entirely to the selection, preparation and distribution of honey and honey-based products (gingerbread, biscuits, nougats, sweets, etc.).

In 2000, once the family production site had got a little too small, Yves Peltier decided to open new premises in the Mont Saint Michel bay, in order to have all the equipment he needed to develop his activity.

At the same time, as the MANOIR DES ABEILLES company had become one of the most high-performance and dynamic beekeeping companies in France, Yves Peltier was approached by the FRENCH HONEY FEDERATION so he could provide his point of view and knowledge of the market and industry.

MANOIR DES ABEILLES always works with a high-quality selection of honeys and is based on traditional family-run know-how. It pursued its national growth and its goal now is to sell its honey and honey-based ranges throughout the world.